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Papa Lord: I prefer Russian girls

TheOrbsIsHere: This is not french

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Actually users of language /do get to define what words mean. If a meaning becomes irrelevant or too narrow over time it can change. Heterosexual was first listed in the dictionary as morbid sexual passion for one of the opposite sex, but you don't see people still defining heterosexuality under those terms. Bisexuality was a term used to describe plants originally so the first part of your comment is simply false.

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But as for the clear natural liquid that comes out.surging? is that what you call that, isn't that just the body setting up for penetration by lubing? I always thought of that particular ejaculate as natural lube. But I am a man and have no problems admitting Im clueless.В

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That was awesome! : Very funny and informative. :D

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Isn't saying women to mean people with vaginas/vulvae cissexist?

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This channel bumbs me out sometimes. Probably because my sex life has completely failed to materialze.

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That's all very well and good, but physical fitness is a huge part of one health.

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